Washington Experience

Washington DC skyline
For many companies it is very helpful to have someone on the board with Washington experience and an understanding of how to navigate successfully through the federal machinery. The two basic categories of governmental experience are (1) regulatory (Federal Communications Commission, Food and Drug Administration, Securities and Exchange Commission or Department of Energy, for example); and (2) legislative experience.

Interested in a diplomatic career in his teens, Larry traveled to Washington, DC to study economics and international relations. While attending college, he worked mostly part-time on the staff of U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles of Florida for three years. Following graduation from business school, he worked for approximately three years in various capacities, including as Chief Administrative Officer, at the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. During this time he gained insight and experience as to administrative law and governmental relations. He has been asked and has provided testimony (economic analysis and policy strategy as an investment banker) before hearings of the United States Congress. For many years he has been a member of the United Nations Association and the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth.

While in Washington early in his career, having completed all course requirements necessary for the CPA exam, he worked at Disclosure, Inc. as a financial analyst under a contract with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, conducting financial analysis and abstracting and indexing certain financial statements and other disclosure items (Forms 10-K, 8-K, 10-Q, etc.) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.