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Larry has written a considerable body of literature on various sub-topics of law, corporate finance, and corporate governance. He is author of many articles on investment banking and corporate finance-related topics for numerous industry trade publications, and newspapers such as The American Banker, Market Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, has written extensively for Mortgage Banking and has frequently been quoted in the financial press. A representative sample includes:


  • Tik Tok! TikTok: Escalating Tension Between U.S. Privacy Rights and National Security Vulnerabilities, available at
  • Mission Critical: Caremark. Blue Bell, and Director Responsibility for Cybersecurity Governance (with H. Justin Pace) __ Wisconsin Law Review (forthcoming) (2021 SEALSB Best Proceedings Paper Award), available at
  • Democracy At Risk: Domestic Terrorism and Attack on the U.S. Capitol, 45 Seattle University Law Review (forthcoming) available at
  • Virtual Art and Non-fungible Tokens, 50 Hofstra Law Review 361 (2022), available at
  • Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and the SEC, (with Neal Newman), 24(3) University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (forthcoming 2022), available at
  • Corporate Directors: Who They Are, What They Do, Cyber and Other Contemporary Challenges (with Seletha Butler, Frederick R. Chang, Michele Hooper, Ron McCray and Ruth Simmons), 70 Buffalo Law Review 459 (2022), available at
  • When Does A Nonfungible Token (NFT) Become A Security?, __ Georgia State University Law Review (with Brian Elzweig) (forthcoming), available at
  • The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Debate Emerges from the Soil of Climate Denial, (with Neal Newman), 53 University of Memphis Law Review, available at
  • Improving University Scholarship Rankings: Lessons Learned from the Movie Moneyball (with Munir Quddus), UNT DALLAS Law Review: On The Cusp (forthcoming), available at
  • Contracts in Brief (with Larry D. Foster II, Lora J. Koretz, Anthony L. McMullen, H. Justin Pace, and Michelle A. Romero), available at
  • A Proposed SEC Cyber Data Disclosure Advisory Commission (with Neal Newman) Securities Regulation Law Journal (forthcoming 2022), available at
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) in a Post-Pandemic World (with Mohammed T. Hussein) available at


  • The Demographics of Death: An Early Look at Covid-19, Cultural and Racial Bias in America (with U.S. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson), 48 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 357 (2021), available at
  • Rapid Technological Change and U.S. Entrepreneurial Risk in International Markets: Focus on Data Security, Information Privacy, Bribery and Corruption, 49 Capital U. Law Review 67 (2021), at
  • Cannabis At the Crossroads: Regulation, A Transdisciplinary Analysis and Policy Prescription (with Donald Mayer, Paul Seaborn, Adam Sulkowski & Robert T. Luttrell), 46 Oklahoma City University Law Review 125 (2021), available at
  • Posted: No Phishing (with Mohammed T. Hussein, Emmanuel U. Opara, Mason J. Molesky and Shahedur Rahman), 8 Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review 39 (2021), available at
  • Governance of the Facebook Privacy Crisis, Reprint of 2020 Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy article In Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook 2020 (Thompson Reuters-West) (“Judged one of the best law review articles related to entertainment, publishing and/or the arts published within the last year” & selected for reprint).
  • David Thaw, Charlotte Tschider, Gus Hurwitz, and Derek Bambauer, Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem (West Publishing, 2021) (excerpting from Corporate Directors’ and Officers’ Cybersecurity Standard of Care: The Yahoo Data Breach, 66 American University Law Review 1233–67 (2017).
  • Securities Law: Overview and Contemporary Issues (with Neal Newman) 16 Ohio State Business Law Journal (2021), available at
  • Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and the SEC, (with Neal Newman), 24(3) University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (forthcoming),
  • Teaching Ethics and Values in an Age of Rapid Technological Change (with Kenneth J. Sanney, Eric D. Yordy, Tammy W. Cowart & Destynie Sewell), 17 Rutgers Business Law Review 17 (2021),


  • Governance of the Facebook Privacy Crisis, 20(1) Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy 41 (2020), available at
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  • Impeachment, Donald Trump and The Attempted Extortion of Ukraine, 40(2) Pace Law Review 141 (2020), available at


  • WannaCry, Ransomware, and the Emerging Threat to Corporations, (with Peter C. Ormerod), 86(2) Tennessee Law Review 503 (2019),
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  • IRAC! IRAC! IRAC!: How To Brief Any Legal Issue, (with Cathy L. Taylor, Janet Ford, Lora J. Koretz, Anthony McMullen & Erin Isom), 29(2) Southern Law Journal 317 (Fall 2019),
  • Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship, and Start-Up Finance (with Oliver W. Aho), Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange ( (2019) at Winner of the Schultze Publication Award, 2019.


  • Industrial Cyber Vulnerabilities: Lessons from Stuxnet and the Internet of Things, (with Peter C. Ormerod), 72 University of Miami Law Review 761 (2018), available at
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  • A Descriptive Analysis of the Fourth Amendment and the Third-Party Doctrine in the Digital Age!, (with Peter C. Ormerod), 28 Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology 73 (2018), available at
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  • .
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  • Lawyers, Guns and Money – The Bribery Problem and U.K. Bribery Act, (with Kara Altenbaumer-Price), 47 The International Lawyer 481 (2013), available at The International Lawyer (ABA-sponsored) is the most widely-distributed U.S. international law review, with subscriptions of over twenty thousand readers (2nd only to The Harvard Law Review) in ninety+ countries.
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