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Convinced of the prominent role to be played by The People’s Republic of China during coming years, China is of particular interest to Mr. Trautman. During 2007, he studied law at Nankai University, Tianjin, China and has maintained a particular interest in Chinese securities markets and securities issuers who conduct most or all of their business in China. He is the author of law journal articles on international law and business law, including, American Entrepreneur in China: Potholes on the Silk Road to Prosperity, 12 Wake Forest Journal of Business & Intellectual Property Law 427 (2012), available at

International sales play an ever increasing role for U.S. based companies. Yet many American boards lack the benefit of directors who are experienced in the culture, market channels and the substantial legal, economic, and governmental risk associated with doing business abroad. For these reasons, governance and nominating committees are increasingly seeking to add directors that have knowledge and experience in the international markets where they are either now doing business or expect to look for future growth. The magnitude of exposure from Foreign Corrupt Practice Act violations alone requires heightened sensitivity to this issue on the part of all boards conducting business in other parts of the world.

Larry Trautman attended college in Washington, DC with a view toward a career as a diplomat and engaged in international relations. His interest in international commerce and international peace has continued over the years. He studied law at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008) and writes extensively about issues of international business and national security.